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"Quality without compromise."

Our focus is to have fundraising as hassle free as possible. Many of the items offered are exclusive to VIP Food Services, not easily found in the local retail markets. By providing quantity and quality we ensure customer satisfaction and repeat fundraising activities.


We have various menu cycles throughout the year with seasonal product changes. The prices are guaranteed for each menu. There is no GST, delivery charges nor limit as to order size. It is important to note, at the time of delivery, VIP Foods remains at the site to disperse its products into individual orders. We take pride in our customer service no matter the size of group.


VIP Food Services thrives at ensuring the utmost quality control and consistency. At times human error can occur, it is therefore we wish to hear from the participants within a reasonable time when not satisfied. Products will be exchanged without hesitation when required.


Customers are encouraged to call us, or email for product information, or as to any inquiries they may have.


We recognize fundraising activities are successful through the time and effort of its volunteers. We would like to thank all of the volunteers who put forth their dedication and hard work to have a successful organization.


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